Below we have some testimonials from our clients.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime!


"Absolutely loved Dr. Taguchi and his staff! Every appointment is wonderful and everyone is so kind. Just an overall great experience. You feel heard and they all take the time to listen and answer your questions."

Stars Codi 

"I had a great experience using Dr. Taguchi as my OBGYN during my first pregnancy. Throughout the entire process, he was very patient, attentive and helpful. He safely delivered my baby who came 5 weeks early and stitched up a fourth degree tear that healed extremely well with minimal pain. I would definitely recommend his care -- especially for first time parents!"

Stars Meg

"This man has delivered all 3 of my boys.  Each pregnancy presented with a different issue that put me or the baby or both of us at high risk.  This wonderful man took phenomenal care of not just me but my babies as well.  He has an awesome bedside manner, a great sense of humor, and is very skilled and knowledgeable about what he does.  I am so blessed to have had him and his awesome staff both at the clinic and SMC by my side.  I just can't say enough good things about them all."

Stars Ashley 

"I'm a high risk pregnancy and he saw how severe my condition was and sent me straight to the hospital for some fluids after only meeting me once!  True care, great bedside manner and He LISTENED to me!!"

Stars October 

"Dr. Taguchi is the best doctor that I have ever had!  If you're wanting a nice, caring doctor he's the one!  He answers all questions and explains everything you need to know.  I personally couldn't have chosen a better doctor.  His bedside manner is great, and he takes time to explain and listens to the patient.  I recommend him to everyone!"

Stars   March 

"Dr. Taguchi was amazing with my c-section.  I started contracting at 36/6 wks of pregnancy with a history of previous c-section.  I started dilating to a 4, he managed to get me to full-term the next day and delivered my son at 37 wks safely.  He always put me and my baby first.  During my pregnancy every question I asked was taken seriously.  He made me feel important and never made me feel rushed.  Throughout both pregnancies I suffered with Hyperemesis.  He managed my frequent visits to the hospital for IV fluids and medications exceptionally well.  Dr. Taguchi kept me out of the emergency room.  If you want a doctor that listens to you he's the one you want.  Professionalism, kindness and nurturing is how I would describe his bedside manner.  Not all male doctors have this."

Stars   March 

"My vagina was getting very dry.  If I didn't use a lot of lubricant during intercourse, sex was very painful.  After my first treatment with Forma V, it feels natural and nice; the condition of my vaginal health is much improved.  I feel like I did when I was premenopausal.  I thought my sex life was over, but not now!  My vaginal health feels like it used to.  I'm not exaggerating."

Forma V patient who is a recovered cancer patient with vulvovaginal atrophy and cystocele
Stars May 

"From my first treatment I started to notice after one week a difference in tightening with my second treatment.  I felt about a 30% improvement with my vaginal tightening.  I've also noticed increased lubrication with vaginal dryness"

Stars Sherri  

"Dr. Taguchi is compassionate and caring. I always feel like he listens carefully to my concerns and questions. He takes time to explain completely the options for care."

Stars Robin C.  

"I had a very thorough consultation with Gina Taguchi and staff. I was most pleased with the visit."

Stars Camelia N.